Volunteer on ECO farm in Slovakia!

Come to a workcamp in Zlatná na ostrove in Slovakia and gain unique experiences and new skills while living at a beautiful eco-farm! “Put down your phones, enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Slovak nature.

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Be part of an 87-year-old movement supporting children at CiA01

Citizens in Action and “Happy Children Happy Youth” organize CIA01 voluntary project in an isolated mountain area close to Elefsina, to contribute to the overall running of a summer camp hosting 140 children from socially deprived background. International volunteers will support in the kitchen and organize activities with kids. You will be part of an 87 years old social movement and work together with more than 50 Greek volunteers, offering to children a life time experience and to yourself a meaningful experience of active social participation and solidarity. If you live in Lithuania, apply here: tinyurl.com/y6hlxcts #volunteer #action4all #greece
[image: CiA01_promo photos.jpg]

Prasideda savanorių stovyklų sezonas!

Tarptautinės savanoriško darbo stovyklos – tai unikalus būdas suburti jaunimą iš įvairių pasaulio šalių bendram tikslui, – padėti konkrečioms vietos bendruomenėms gamtosaugos, socialinėje, kultūrinėje ir kitose srityse.

O svarbiausia – tai bene pats smagiausias būdas prasmingai keliauti, susipažinti su jaunimu iš viso Pasaulio ir puikiai paatostogauti.

Plačiau apie tai skaitykite čia.

Savanorių stovykla Belgijoje “Pasaulio spalvų centras”

This project is always very appreciated by the volunteers in the past years, and we’re convinced they will be please this year as well.

Project is happening in an asylum seekers center during Easter holidays (06-20/04).
Many activities are planned or to be planned with the local staff and can be (but not limited to) about painting, dancing, theatre, sports, and so on.
We’re –preferably but not mandatory- looking for people open-minded and keen on arts, whichever they may be, as the workcamp will lead to a final representation.
We also need *our questionnaire dully filled* in order to confirm applicants (doc attached to this email).

*Maxime Meunier*
*CBB Outgoing & Incoming Officer – Animateur aux échanges internationaux*

*Association des Compagnons Bâtisseurs asbl*
9 place Albert 1er
6900 Marche-en-Famenne
Tél +32(0)84/31 44 13

ESC savanorystė Ispanijoje

Mūsų partneriai “Asociación Juvenil Intercambia” kviečia savanoriauti Ispanijoje. Siunčiame net 5 kvietimus į ESC projektus. Savanorystė pilnai finansuojama ES, o daugiau informacijos apie Europos Solidarumo Korpusą galite rasti čia: europa.eu/youth/solidarity_lt

Kvietimas savanoriauti Italijoje (EVS/ESC)

InCo-Molfetta (Italy) has just opened a new selection for ESC volunteers. The project has already been submitted and granted, it is a Volunteering Partnership.

The vacancies are around 14 in different projects located in Apulia region, here the link: www.incoweb.org/Progetti/In-Italia/Take-me-in-Europe-vol.-1

The deadline is the 13th of March 2019

All of them are GREAT opportunities in 360°, but volunteers should be really well selected.

Associazione InCo – Interculturalità & Comunicazione
Sede Puglia * *via E. de Nicola, 12* *70056 – Molfetta* *tel. +39 328 6762929


Solidarity Gardens in France

Dear friends,

We are sending you new a new workcamp project!
*ANEC02 Solidarity Gardens 14/06/2019 – 28/06/2019*
*18+, ENVI/SOCI*
Centrale des Volontariats / Placement Officer
Etudes et Chantiers International – ANEC

Locaux inter-associatifs l’ESTRAN
9 rue sous les Augustins, 63 000 Clermont-Ferrand *FRANCE*
+33 (0)4 73 31 50 49

New CAMP in FRANCE starting soon !!

Dear Friends,

New camp in France ! 😉
*CONCF-001, **FARGUES UFCV 1, **23/03-11/04* FARGUES-SAINT-HILAIRE ENVI/CONS, 14 vols, 17 +
We are really looking for volunteers. Please find attached a kind of poster and photos here below :
CONCF-001 – UFCV 1 – Toits.jpg <drive.google.com/file/d/13l4A2yNUv_1MWYpl_pV1agQWhvxUIvcd/view?usp=drive_web>
CONCF-001 – UFCV 1 – La Frayse entree.jpg <drive.google.com/file/d/1Lsrg2wHepFSPmnLTwhYxrLMx8jiJGN1i/view?usp=drive_web>
CONCF-001 – UFCV 1 – domaine.jpg <drive.google.com/file/d/1WqwiLXOtvp0cSkpGMUiWU9xqdS10RYMK/view?usp=drive_web>
CONCF-001 – UFCV 1 – balade nature.jpg <drive.google.com/file/d/1u1-rGJ2hbYgT68rxvfnMpEPg45lJypCM/view?usp=drive_web>
CONCF-001 – UFCV 1 – Clochet La Frayse.jpg <drive.google.com/file/d/1xgpyiRp7GKrzavtFjjXcZDx1oRE0XtCI/view?usp=drive_web>
CONCF-001 – UFCV 1 – apiculture.jpg <drive.google.com/file/d/10FHCvzKrYqli0dz2WRrT9iA2G117JDoM/view?usp=drive_web>

Camp promotion in Germany

One very beautiful workcamps! Here the basic informations:
*Campcode:* IIJGD 19336
*Date:* 06.04-20.04.2019 *Age*: 16-26 (so yes, please send us your teenagers!! J )
Please find attached the info sheet, project information and most important a flyer for promoting the workcamp! J *We still need six volunteers until the 07.02.2019*. *Otherwise, the workcamp will be cancelled – which would be really really sad!* So please, don’t let this happen and help us finding volunteers! We count on you and trust in your promoting skills! J Should you have any further questions concerning this workcamp, feel free to ask J.
Thanks a lot in advance and happy weekend!
Warm regards from Germany,


Nadine Thomas
Workcamps in Europa, Nordamerika und Ostasien
Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste (ijgd)
Kasernenstr. 48
53111 Bonn
Tel: 0049 – 228 228 00 -11
WHATS APP: 0049 163 2426432
Fax: 0049 – 228 228 00 10
Telefonzeiten: montags – freitags: 9:30 – 17:30 Uhr.

EVS project in Lozoyuela, Madrid, Spain

Due to the last minute cancellation De Amicitia is looking for a candidate for our traditional EVS Project in Lozoyuela, 69 km North of Madrid
Bear in mind that travel expenses reimburment is limited to 275,00 €
Project is for 10-12 months from March 2019 (flexible) and volunteers must Speak Spanish and have a driving license
If you may have a candidate please contact us asap
PS.- We attach basic information and a poster for your Social Media